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Vanessa GolembewskiFebruary 27, 2014, 4:45 PMPhoto: Pictorial Press Ltd/Alamy.Sure, awards season is all about the best films, actors, and behind-the-scenes work we've seen over the past year. But, it's also about the drinking games Oscar pools red-carpet looks. And, while we typically wait with baited breath for our favorite stars to debut their styles, we already know what to expect from Naomi Watts at this year's Academy Awards. Like any sound woman, she'll be relying on the sartorial opinions of her two sons: five-year-old Samuel and six-year-old Sasha.AdvertisementAnd, we can't blame her. Any 30-second interaction with a child will reveal just how very truthful they Moncler Jackets Black Friday Sale can be. Watts told E!, "My sons? They're very honest. My youngest one particularly has been known to say, 'Ew, Mommy, I don't like that dress!"The truth can be painful. But, when it comes to keeping up your red-carpet street cred, we'd rather face the harsh opinions of youths than get faux compliments from our friends. Also, Watts is officially the cutest mom, ever. And, now that we know who her secret stylists are, we cannot wait to see her present at the Oscars. (E!)Entertainment ? Naomi Watts ? News ? Oscars ? Red-Carpet Spotlight